Spring Cleaning Special!


At Voigt Music Center, we’re getting into the spring cleaning spirit, and are extending a special offer to all of our customers. From April 1st until May 8th, 2021, we are running a Spring Cleaning Special.

We are offering 15% off labor for all band instrument services that include a cleaning, and ALL fretted and orchestral string repairs!

This discount applies to restrings, setups, sonic cleans, repads, overhauls, mechanical overhauls, and a new addition to our offerings...a "Clean and Good Play Condition", so we can clean your woodwind instrument without having to do a complete repad, which saves you money!


 All prices listed are PRE-discount, and are averages. 

Please bring your instrument in, or request a home or school pickup, for a FREE, detailed estimate.

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Clean and GPC (~$90-$300): Take 15% off!

  • Tear down of woodwind instrument
  • Sonic clean the body and hand clean the keys
  • All mechanisms reoiled
  • Good Playing Condition (GPC) done in the course of reassembly

Repad (~$225-$700): Take 15% off!

  • Disassemble and sonic clean instrument and all keys
  • Pads, corks, and felts replaced with brand new
  • Does not include any repairs to the finish, or excessive dents or soldering
  • Free loaner instrument

Overhaul (~$300-$675): Take 15% off!

  • Same as a repad, but with the addition of polishing the keys
  • Available only on flute, clarinet, and oboe
  • Free loaner instrument



Mechanical Overhaul (~$500-$1,200): 

Take 15% off!

  • Disassemble and sonic clean instrument and all keys
  • Complete repad on a pro level instrument
  • Greater attention to key fitting and dent removal
  • Installing upgraded materials and specialty pads
  • Free loaner instrument


Woodwind Services

Brass Services

Sonic Cleaning (~$70-245): Take 15% off!

  • Disassemble brass instrument
  • Hand polish inner slide tubes
  • Brush clean valve casings and slides
  • Sonic cleaned entire instrument
  • Oiled and greased after cleaning

Silver Sonic Clean (Prices Vary by Instrument):

Take 15% off!

  • Same as sonic clean
  • Additional hand polishing of silver plate

String Services


 Stringed Instruments (Prices Vary by Service):

  •  Take 15% off all orchestral and fretted string repairs